A weekend trip to the land of the five rivers convergence – Serendipity driven – Part 1/2 -Reaching to Wai

It all started from here , me loitering around in a business suit ,

and ended there , hanging like a happy monkey out in the open.

Every new year all vagabond souls stuck in offices like I am, guess what do we do?!

We sit with our calenders figuring out long weekends and those days we could fit in to make our weekends long!

So that you can see our transition from that dull boy in an office suit to the happy monkey..

Thus, Shivratri holiday was taken for granted and Saturday and Sunday luxury was mixed into it for a long weekend ( who knows in 2020 all these planning will be futile)

Shivling decorated on the occasion of Shivratri

That’s why I jump into the idea of a road trip to god knows where with my brother and his sister in law when they just asked casually “kal kahin chalen?” and I said ” chalo ” . There wasn’t any destination. It was just us enjoying in our I20 and taking a drive out on the expressway. We hoped on and pressed the peddle on the metal and out we were on the tarmac.

Where to go in this weather that’s what was going in our mind. Till pune we discussed where we can go in this trip. We took a pit-stop on Mumbai pune expressway , checked our petrol and air and munched on some snacks. Food gave us thought and we turned our steering wheels towards Wai in Satara District.

Rangoli of Beautiful Shivling made by a local
Another Side view of ghat beside Ganpati Dolya Temple

Wai is a small beautiful town situated on the banks of Krishna River famous for its Dholya Ganapati temple and also called as Dakshin Kashi because of more than 100 temples in this city.

My brother, My Sister in law and Me 🙂

This quaint city is also famous for shooting locations of more than 300 Bollywood movies including Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain, Gangaajal, Omkara, Dabangg 1, Dabangg 2, Swades, Ishqiya, Singham, Deool, Bol Bachchan, Zila Ghaziabad, Gulaab Gang, R Rajkumar, and Chennai Express. Remember the climax fight scene of Gangajal when ajay devgun hits the villains in a pond.

As soon as we reached, we saw this quiet town bustling with lots of devotees, flocking from nearby places to worship on the occasion of shivratri.

We also took the blessing in this beautiful Shri Kashi Vishweshwar Mandir, Wai. It is an ancient temple built around 400 years ago. It has a huge nandi bull statue inside temple and nicely decorated shivling ( extra decorated on shivratri) .

They say if you want something, speak in the ear of Nandi baba. So, I asked about marrying the girl I wanted, and seems like Baba was angry because she left bro.

Temples built in the Wai area tend to be built in Hemādpanti-style architecture. Use of huge stone slabs is the major characteristic of Hemādpanti architecture.

Kashi Vishweshwar Mandir, Temple was being re-innovated thus the covering.

This beautiful city has various ghats ( a place near the river made with stairs for ablution purpose)

Ganpati Aali Ghat
Dholya Ganpati Temple , Sanctum Sanctorum
Dholya Ganpati , 10 Feet high Lord Ganesh Idol, apparently they don’t allow photography so this one is from wikipedia

Like Brahmanshahi , Govardhan Sanstha ghat, Ramdoh ghat , Gangapuri ghat, Ganpati Aali ghat ( famous for Dholya Ganpati, 10 feet high lord ganesh Idol and Kashi Vishveshvar temples), Dharma Puri and Menavali ghat ( famous for Gangajal and Swades movie scene ) .

This is Krishna Ghat Location of Swades and Gangajal

From here, we booked our place of stay in the starting of panchghani/Mahabaleshwar and starting hustling with GPS and no network to reach there. But I will tell that in next post. Till then let it be continued…

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An Ultimate guide to create your website from scratch – 2/3 – day to day operations

Hey there awesome fella, Congratulations if you are reading this then I think you have created your own web identity i.e. your website now.

Isn’t it beautiful. This wonderful creation which is visible to everyone in this world. It is like an external projector connected to your mind where you can project anything which is coming to your mind. I am really happy that you have set up your OWN WordPress website .

Now let’s make your website more happening. Let’s continue this post about the basic necessary items to improve your website for day to day operation. We will start from where we left in our earlier post i.e. an ultimate guide to create your website from scratch part -1/3

Step 4  :- Choosing a theme | Choosing the color and design of the shop you just purchased

What :- you got a shop, say A home décor shop, but you have to paint it to make it more appealing to a customer and make him/her interested in the things you want to sell. Similarly it is what a theme is for a WordPress website. The look and feel of your website.

Why : – The theme actually shows the mood of your website. Your website is all about emo or Heavy metal music , a dark color theme should be preferred. Also it should be responsive to the device people are using. Means it will auto adjust accordingly in phone,in tablet and on your computer . Various other metrics are as follows

  • Responsive – it should be one
  • One column or two column or three columns- columns are generally divided into left side menu, main post, and right side menu.
  • Color– the color should be soothing to customer and at the same time related to your website mood. ( I wanted this website theme color to be white because I wanted user to feel at peace)
  • Slider – a header slider has become so conventional these days because it shows a glimpse of your website at once. Few images, post excerpt and your website can be understood by the viewer
  • Speed– Theme operations should be fast . It should not lag or break down.
  • Uniformity – Color uniformity, font uniformity etc everything matters. Any misalignment and it can divert attention for a user from your website merits to demerits

How :- first of all decide what is your website about.Whether it is related to food ,travel, technology , DIY etc. Depending on the genre like food or photography look for a theme which has a gallery option. Same goes for even DIY too. Once you have decided what you want, hit to google with top 15 theme of 2020 for food blog, for photography, for DIY . Note down each theme, search here in “add new” section . Take a preview before installing and if you find good well then you are good to go. As you can see, I am using Ashe theme by WP Royal. It has a photography portfolio (gallery) for me, a slider, responsive and uniformity all over the blog.

Step 5  :- Minimum “at the start” Maintenance |Doing the Necessary chores for the shop

What :- you chose a theme keeping in mind that how your store would look like but, now there are some basic things which you have to do like, getting a billing register and all. That’s how opening a blog also works. You need to set up something straight like enabling search option, position different items like tags, most recent post, comments box over your site.

Why :- Well it is necessary to give your website things like which people expect in every site. They need some familiarity like it happens in every store . There should be a trial room , a changing room , drinking water.

How :- that’s the beautiful part. How to do the minimum at the start maintenance after setting up a theme.  First things first / I’ma say all the words inside my head / I’m fired up and tired of the way that things have been, oh-ooh…. Sorry I went into Believers-imagine dragons track. Let me start again

First things first

  1. Dashboard- Themes- Customize – here try to customize your website with a more friendly appearance with live view. Setup an interesting Silder, social media buttons, setup menu pages and just visualize how you can make it better

2. Go to dashboard-> settings and do the setup of like site language,admin mail,site title, tagline ,homepage display style ,how many post should come in a feed etc. These are all one time settings .

Step 6: Choosing some plugins –the useful chores | Interior designing of your store

What :- you have the necessary items for your shop, right? However what about the good to have items like a wind chime or a water fountain by the door. Plugins are like those small software who will work like glitter in your website.

Why:- Plugins will sort out your work. They will make it easy. Taking a backup, install the plugin and get a dump. They are going to reduce your time and increase the user experience. They are going to help you improve your website visual appearance and performance both.

How :- Well , here are the few chosen one. Install them one by one , activate them and perform the necessary settings. All the WordPress plugins are mostly user friendly as WordPress is an opensource so its user community is huge. Google about setting up or drop me a comment, I will help you guys.

S.no. Plugin FunctionWhy do you Should use
1All-in-One WP MigrationMigration tool for all your blog data. Import or Export your blog content with a single click.to Backup
2Easy Photography PortfolioAdd a photography portfolio to any WordPress theme. Designed for Photographers, yet made with theme developers in mind.to Showcase your pictures
3Google XML SitemapsThis plugin improves SEO using sitemaps for best indexation by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.for SEO
4LiteSpeed CacheHigh-performance page caching and site optimization from LiteSpeedfor fast loading of your website
5Post Views CounterPost Views Counter allows you to display how many times a post, page or custom post type had been viewed in a simple, fast and reliable way.to let viewers know how many have read your psot
6Really Simple SSLLightweight plugin without any setup to make your site SSL prooffor going from http:// to https://
7Simple LinksLinks Manager with many features. Makes managing links simple and robust.to link other good people’s website to your site and vice versa
8Site Kit by GoogleSite Kit is a one-stop solution for WordPress users to use everything Google has to offer to make them successful on the web.for SEO
9Wordfence SecurityWordfence Security – Anti-virus, Firewall and Malware Scanfor security
10WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, CacheWP-Optimize makes your site fast and efficient. It cleans the database, compresses images and caches pages. Fast sites attract more traffic and users.for compressing images and taking care of your database
Drop me a comment or contact me through the social media icons if you find any issue with any content above. I would love to help you guys

This post is part 2nd of three posts which I am going to post in this series.

last post will be about optimizing your website with the plugins we just installed and enjoying the traffic.

An Ultimate guide to create your website from scratch – 1/3

Hello, all you awesome people out there, first of all, if you are here, then let me assure you that I am going to help you build your website for sure and believe me, It is gonna be awwwwwwwesome.

Before I start, let me tell you why I am writing this post,

Well,I started blogging in 2007, moved to paid-blogging in 2008, and left in 2009 and ultimately left blogging in 2011. After a gap of years when I started it back in 2019, the ecosystem changed a lot. Indiblogger is gone, DA(Domain Authority- it is a search engine score which shows how optimized your website is) has replaced Google PR (Page Rank) . However, the basics have stayed the same, which helped me build this website from scratch.

So if you are ready, let’s start on this remarkable journey of building your first website.

Step 1: – Buying a Domain Name or Choosing an Identity (Domain Name)

  • What:- Suppose you want to open a shop, then you have to find a good name so that you can register it government records and people can find you. Similarly, if you’re going to put your content on this internet, register a domain name. It is your official address on the internet. 
  • Why: -Domain is your identity; it should be about who you are. It should be unique, catchy, and easy to remember. I had the option of choosing my website domain name. I could have used my nickname as a website name like www.samtxneo.in, but I decided to go for www.sanjaymishra.in because it is easy to remember, and the website is all about me.
  • How:- there are multiple websites to go to for registering your domain ( like namecheap,godaddy) , but most user friendly is Godaddy. If you can wait till Black Friday, which usually happens in November, you can get an excellent deal. I had my domain for a total of INR 3354 ($45) for five years, approximately INR 750 ($15) per year. More or less equal to a couple of pizzas on Friday evening
Here is a short video from Godaddy about how to register your domain

Step 2:- Buying a hosting solution ( Choosing the space on the internet to open your shop in a mall )

  • What:- Okay, you got your registry of name. But where you will get the space to open your store. That’s what hosting is. Hosting companies are like the malls and they are gonna provide you a corner in the mall to open your store for which they will charge.
  • Why: – Just like a storeroom protects your belongings, there should be a safe place for your content, for that you need to buy hosting space on the internet. It is like a hard drive space on the internet. You will place your files, your photo, everything here.
  • How:- Many websites provide free hosting solutions. Free hosting solutions come with the best perk “being free” but comes with the worst security and becomes easy for hacking. My website was earlier on the free hosting solution of Hostinger.com, and got hacked and became a porn site. 

Imagine my shock when I opened www.sanjaymishra.in and started finding out hot singles in my area. I switched to paid hosting and got a deal during Black Friday. 

I have Single web hosting + SSL certificate ( will talk about it later but it’s added security ) activation of four years for INR 2160 ($30) only

But if you are a beginner, I will suggest buying a hosting solution from the place where you purchased your domain. Linking these two will be easy.

Godaddy provides an option to buy word-press dedicated hosting where one domain name will be included free to your hosting solution.

Here is a link to how to buy wordpress hosting from godaddy

however if you are buying hosting solutions and domain name from different places then you have to connect both through name-servers. here is a link of how to connect hosting solutions to domain through domain nameservers

Step 3:- Choosing a Content management system (Choosing the architecture of your home)

  • What:- Content Management system(CMS) is the architecture of your store which you are going to build in now as plain and simple. How the window should look, where the racks will be, and how big the door would be, CMS is there to manage it.
  • Why:- CMS is very much needed because it is the soul of your website. If your CMS is down, then your website is down. It is the database; it is the front end; it is everything. Different CMS are available out there, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. However, I am going to go ahead with WordPress because of its widely-supported support system over the internet
  • How:-Once you have chosen your CMS for your website ( which in this case is WordPress ). Then log in to your hosting account. Go to Manage and check for the auto-installer shown below and install Word-press on your website. 

It will ask to create an admin password (keep it the strongest) and the title of your blog (keep it catchy)

Here is a helpful video of how to install wordpress on your website.

Once provided, it will start doing the installation automatically. After the completion, type in your website name in the browser. If everything is buttery smooth, you will see your first post on your site over the internet.

Drop me a comment or contact me through the social media icons if you find any issue with any content above. I would love to help you guys

This post is part 1st of three posts which I am going to post in this series.

Next post will be about managing your website and the basic plugins and last one will be optimizing your website.