A Day trip inside my mind space amid this lock-down

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In a far far away country someone created a virus in the lab to gain economic supremacy in this war of worlds or someone just thought of trying a new bat cuisine and Corona happened. I have no idea and I dont think any one knows except XI jinping that why the earth stood still only not for a day but for months.

Flights stopped, traffic vanished, dolphins came to shore and I became FAT and Single both. Yeah, butterfly effect. I still curse to whomsoever is responsible for this.

Damn, it is September 2020 already and I haven’t gone for a single trek yet, haven’t seen the ice on mountains and haven’t slept a day without electricity in nature with a cellular blackout.

And now I think , my trips are calling me mentally. I am having this intermittent urge to fly somewhere. Be it in between of the office meetings or while I am wasting my time on instagram and boing , a wild thought will struck to my mind and say”lets go somewhere”.

You know what just the other day I went out for some daily chores outside and suddenly I realized how we used to take everything for granted like kick starting our motorbikes and zoommmming it on the highway. Now my bike has become a showpiece for now . I miss its sound ,the vibration you feel in the hands ( yeah I have a thunderbird and it has a vibration issue).

Nowadays I am lapsing in the memories of places I have been to in last 4-5 years. Be it looking at nanda parbat from Chandrashila top in tungnath or watching the beautiful sunset in Goa or roaming in kaas region to check the wildflowers or riding from manali to leh on rented bikes. All those memories are jumping in the blank space which used to be occupied with future trip plannings and all.

Nevertheless ,World has started opening up. If not in world, then at least in India for sure. IPL has started. Offices have started calling their employee back. Even I just went out for a quick bike ride and I saw nothing related to corona except mask. Bikes,cars, momo shops, bhelpuri shops,gym everything is open and beaming with customers faces. People are eating in groups along roadside. May be by Dec , people even forget it that there was a corona.

Even YHAI(Youth Hostel association of India) group called me one day to inform me that their treks are on now and I can start booking.

Wish I would see book one soon and hope on a flight to see such sunset soon

We as humans have a habit of adjusting with everything and may be we will adjust with corona as well. Though don’t forget to adjust with nature once you are back with them.

Who remembers the road when lock-down started. It was like the post-apocalyptic world where the world has been eradicated from the most dangerous virus it has even seen, the humans.

I hope it is the karma of nature against us.

lets hope for a better day, a better life for everyone. Keep Spreading positivities.

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