A trip to Mountains- Manali and solang valley | Part -1 |

It all started on one drunken night. Friend came, get together happened and someone wished to see snow. It was Netra ( the girl in red) who was high enough to say out loud that I want to see snow this year. I want to play in snow. I want to see snowfall. And then there was me being sober on the other side of room asked her that when did she want to visit. She was like let’s go around Christmas. We won’t get cheap tickets in new year, tourist will be more and Christmas holiday will also get used.

Nobody is under the influence of alcohol in this picture.Also don’t judge the room cleanness

This crazy night was in November (30th Nov 2019). Promises were made to be travel partner of this trip and within one week, tickets were booked to leave for Delhi from Mumbai on Christmas morning and a great trip was awaiting for us.

the kind of xmas tree i want to have

We landed in Delhi around late morning kind of 10 am and then we went to meet our friend. We freshened up there and then we left to catch our bus in the evening from majnu ka till. We boarded a private Volvo from Delhi. Both netra and I suffer from motion sickness so we took the tablet and dozed off till we reached manali.

Oooo Manaliiii 😀

The cold mountain breezed welcomes us next morning as we got down from our bus. The new private Volvo bus stand is 10 min far from manali market as walking distance and it is situated on the bank of beas river. So you can imagine how good it must have felt.

Mountains in the back, river in the side and road to walk

In the backdrop of Snowclad Mountains, we booked our cab to vashisht where our Airbnb was. We booked a room rented by a monk family who was very cool in hospitality. We had a view of beas river helipad service point and in the garden of our Airbnb, the snow was accumulated. We had our breakfast and we dozed off for a while. We were damn tired.

Aloo ke parathe

The river was so near to me that I couldn’t control my excitement. As soon as I woke up, I coerced netra for a stroll around the town. We Started walking along side beas river till we saw an opening in the boundary and then we sneaked in and enjoyed few moments near to holy beas river. It was pure bliss.

The place where I lost my heart

 Then we thought of going to Hidimba temple, which is built to worship the Hidima goddess, wife of Bhima from epic Mahabharta. It is a cave temple under which they worship the cave stone and diety photo.

look at the wood carving details

The temple is built in typical mountain temple style and surrounded by tall oaks tree all around. It is an easy hike from manali market around 1-2 km far and 30-40 mins normal and steep walk mixed.

Hidimba Devi Temple

Then we came back to our hotel and fixed a cab for early next morning to go solang valley. It was around 7-8 pm when we came back. Our host asked what we did all day and when he got to know that we didn’t visit the sage vashisht temple

Sage Vashisht Temple in Vashisht,Manali

and hot water springs, he volunteered to take me there (Netra didn’t come because she was tired ( lame excuse)) .

Hot water kund in vashisht

It was my first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it the hot water kunds. It relaxed my body from the tiredness I had from my trip. Other pics were NSFW so this one is here to cherish that moment.

Next morning our trip started to reach solang valley. A half hour drive took us there and we donned the thermals rented from a place near to our hotel and ventured out there to do some adventure in that beautiful land.

We jumped

We showered in snow,

throw balls at each other,

came down from a ramp without rubber tube,saw the beautiful sunset of manali and last but not the least enjoyed thoroughly.

all is well

And then we head back to catch our bus for Kasol from manali. It was a nice start of our day 2.

hello there

But Before we move there… take a look of all this visuals for manali in this video which I created with gopro6


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