An Ultimate guide to create your website from scratch – 1/3

Hello, all you awesome people out there, first of all, if you are here, then let me assure you that I am going to help you build your website for sure and believe me, It is gonna be awwwwwwwesome.

Before I start, let me tell you why I am writing this post,

Well,I started blogging in 2007, moved to paid-blogging in 2008, and left in 2009 and ultimately left blogging in 2011. After a gap of years when I started it back in 2019, the ecosystem changed a lot. Indiblogger is gone, DA(Domain Authority- it is a search engine score which shows how optimized your website is) has replaced Google PR (Page Rank) . However, the basics have stayed the same, which helped me build this website from scratch.

So if you are ready, let’s start on this remarkable journey of building your first website.

Step 1: – Buying a Domain Name or Choosing an Identity (Domain Name)

  • What:- Suppose you want to open a shop, then you have to find a good name so that you can register it government records and people can find you. Similarly, if you’re going to put your content on this internet, register a domain name. It is your official address on the internet. 
  • Why: -Domain is your identity; it should be about who you are. It should be unique, catchy, and easy to remember. I had the option of choosing my website domain name. I could have used my nickname as a website name like, but I decided to go for because it is easy to remember, and the website is all about me.
  • How:- there are multiple websites to go to for registering your domain ( like namecheap,godaddy) , but most user friendly is Godaddy. If you can wait till Black Friday, which usually happens in November, you can get an excellent deal. I had my domain for a total of INR 3354 ($45) for five years, approximately INR 750 ($15) per year. More or less equal to a couple of pizzas on Friday evening
Here is a short video from Godaddy about how to register your domain

Step 2:- Buying a hosting solution ( Choosing the space on the internet to open your shop in a mall )

  • What:- Okay, you got your registry of name. But where you will get the space to open your store. That’s what hosting is. Hosting companies are like the malls and they are gonna provide you a corner in the mall to open your store for which they will charge.
  • Why: – Just like a storeroom protects your belongings, there should be a safe place for your content, for that you need to buy hosting space on the internet. It is like a hard drive space on the internet. You will place your files, your photo, everything here.
  • How:- Many websites provide free hosting solutions. Free hosting solutions come with the best perk “being free” but comes with the worst security and becomes easy for hacking. My website was earlier on the free hosting solution of, and got hacked and became a porn site. 

Imagine my shock when I opened and started finding out hot singles in my area. I switched to paid hosting and got a deal during Black Friday. 

I have Single web hosting + SSL certificate ( will talk about it later but it’s added security ) activation of four years for INR 2160 ($30) only

But if you are a beginner, I will suggest buying a hosting solution from the place where you purchased your domain. Linking these two will be easy.

Godaddy provides an option to buy word-press dedicated hosting where one domain name will be included free to your hosting solution.

Here is a link to how to buy wordpress hosting from godaddy

however if you are buying hosting solutions and domain name from different places then you have to connect both through name-servers. here is a link of how to connect hosting solutions to domain through domain nameservers

Step 3:- Choosing a Content management system (Choosing the architecture of your home)

  • What:- Content Management system(CMS) is the architecture of your store which you are going to build in now as plain and simple. How the window should look, where the racks will be, and how big the door would be, CMS is there to manage it.
  • Why:- CMS is very much needed because it is the soul of your website. If your CMS is down, then your website is down. It is the database; it is the front end; it is everything. Different CMS are available out there, like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. However, I am going to go ahead with WordPress because of its widely-supported support system over the internet
  • How:-Once you have chosen your CMS for your website ( which in this case is WordPress ). Then log in to your hosting account. Go to Manage and check for the auto-installer shown below and install Word-press on your website. 

It will ask to create an admin password (keep it the strongest) and the title of your blog (keep it catchy)

Here is a helpful video of how to install wordpress on your website.

Once provided, it will start doing the installation automatically. After the completion, type in your website name in the browser. If everything is buttery smooth, you will see your first post on your site over the internet.

Drop me a comment or contact me through the social media icons if you find any issue with any content above. I would love to help you guys

This post is part 1st of three posts which I am going to post in this series.

Next post will be about managing your website and the basic plugins and last one will be optimizing your website.


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