Dzukou Valley Trip | Day 2-Exploring the Valley |

Welcome ya all to the second part of my Dzukou valley trek. I hope you guys have watched the first part where I vlogged my journey that how did I reach dzukou valley from manipur. If you haven’t watched it, click the link and watch it now.

Well, let’s go along with the day 2 video. We slept like pig after the heavy trek of day 1 after reaching base camp and having chicken and rice as dinner that too cooked in old indian smokey style. I woke up next morning with the noise coming around the camp. People were waking up to find the valley dancing with the clouds who were raining like anything last night. While I was grasping the enchanting beauty of valley, our guide cum chef prepared wholesome maggi and tea for us in breakfast so that we can go down in valley to explore further. My friend fell sick so after breakfast, three of us left for valley.

The trails were muddy and slippery but thanks to my CTR trekking shoes I was able to run on that. The trail to valley is for 1-1.5 hour depends on how slow you go and how many pit stops you take. Also if you aren’t cautious , you can slip too. Whole downhill trail is beautiful and at one point you can sit on a ledge and get a beautiful view of dzukou water streams running beneath it. I was shitting in my pants while I was taking that video but now when I see the clip I am relieved that I took the risk. People were sitting on another ledge and having picnic. Damn good choice for picnic.

While we reached in the valley , we saw many people going for the streams, enjoying food under the devil’s ledge ( yes , it is a location where people in earlier times used to stay overnight and have food. Now they have banned overnight camping in valley so no one stays there but during the day people go and cook over there ). We watched so many wild flowers, clicked beautiful pics of them ( check my instagram ) and walked. Then BoB took us to the caves which were used by shepherds for resting purpose while their cattle were grazing. We had our lunch there and refreshed ourselves. The stream was so good and lively that I asked bob to find a safe place where we can take dip in that water. As requested BoB found out a place behind the devil’s ledge and we had our fun there. It was the best part of my trek. You can see my happiness. It was a good trip. I hope you will enjoy this video log. Let me know how did you find it in comment. I will be more than happy to reply

Thanks to my friend Sujata karam for helping me in planning this haphazard way

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