Dzukou Valley Trip | Day1 – Reaching to base camp |

Hey there , everyone out there, This is my first official travel video ( yeah, making it official) to Dzukou valley, manipur-nagaland border. Bole to first VLOG.

This beautiful valley is famous for dzukou lillies blooming during july in their full glory. Though I visited this valley during the long weekend of 15 aug through manipur. You can reach this place through manipur or nagaland both side. Manipur route makes it easy and it can be trekked from imphal to imphal in 2 days with full exploration of valley.

I landed in manipur on 15th aug ( a very bad day as everything is closed on 15th aug in manipur due to insurgency). I left for dzukou village from imphal on next day with one of my friend , bob ( my tour guide and an awesome chef from Korou Tours ) and karenjit ( our driver,lumberjack or our to-do guy). We reached to Mao Village in 2-3 hours. It was a scenic ride on the countryside roads. After having the lunch in Mao village, we changed our vehicle and entrying through Mao Gate we reached to Dzukou valley entry point after 1 hour of turbulent ride.

After getting entry tickets for dzukou valley, we hopped on our vehicle once again and reached to vehicle drop zone where we parked our vehicles, carried our rucksacks and startd ascending uphill towards dzukou valley. as we say trekking is measured in hours , never ever in distance. This Uphill climb was arduous but easy as compared to what was coming after that. After half an hour, we reached to the point from where monstrous stair case starts which takes us to the leveling point of dzukou valley. It was the toughest. Me and my friend were panting like dogs. Our old sins were haunting us. This whole stair climbing through the dense jungle is quite ecstatic. Catch a break and enjoy the forest around you. While we were about to reach the leveling point, the fogs started catching up so we were not able to see anything down in valley . once we reached to the leveling point, my buddy went flat to a resting position. He wasn’t at fault. It was exhausting. But the hardest part was over.

it was now the easy things lying ahead. 2.5 hours of walk through the dzukou valley trail while looking at the scenic view gave me so much energy that i reached to the base camp in 1.5 hour only. Don’t ask me how. May be my calves were bumped up. After reaching I just relaxed, helped in pitching my tent and enjoyed the view. because what I did after that was the feeling I absorbed . I cant capture it on camera or show it. You have to feel it.

Reaching Dzukou Valley

Thanks to my friend Sujata karam for helping me in planning this haphazard way.

Thanks for Jarie Leirpoll from for providing free Title Templates .

Thanks to Twisterium for providing the background music

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